• What should you look for when researching a building company?


    This week we are going to look at what you should be looking at when choosing your building company – or any other company for that matter.


    There is a legitimate reason why the trade industry has such a bad reputation, and choosing a reliable company can be a minefield, so in this article we are going to take a look at key indications of a good company to use and also how to spot a bad company.


    When you decide you’d like to have some renovations or work done to your home it can be a costly occurrence. Not only in money but in time, so it’s extremely important you choose the company wisely. With so many building ‘cowboys’ around, it’s difficult to know you’re making the right decision and that it’s right for you. Here are some things to look at to help you.


    Previous Projects and Works

    Looking at the previous works completed by a company is a really good indication of their style and standard of work. Make sure to check out their Facebook and Instagram pages and if they have a website, check on there too. We have a multitude of photos on our social media, and if you’d like to see some of our work on something specific, just ask and we will be more than happy to show you.



    Reviews are an excellent way of spotting whether the company is trading at a high standard, as generally, reviews cannot be deleted and sometimes random verifications are conducted. Although the credibility of all reviews cannot be guaranteed, you can usually spot questionable activity relatively easily. If the company is registered with a body such as Check a Trade that is a good indication, as they call customers to verify.


    Personal Recommendations

    Of course, recommendations are the pinnacle of proving the trustworthiness of a company. There is no better way of telling how a company performs than hearing it from someone else first hand. People will normally try to warn you off a company they have had a bad experience from so it’s important to ask around.




    An accreditation acts as a seal of approval and enhances the overall reputation of the company. You should take note of the accreditations and use them as a benchmark in your decision-making on whether to hire the company or not.



    After filtering through companies, you will get to the quotations stage. At this point you will need to consider the following;

    1. Did the company turn up for the quotation when they were supposed to?
    2. How long did the quotation take to get back to you?
    3. How did the surveyor conduct himself?
    4. Did the surveyor have a good understanding of the issues?
    5. Did someone give you a follow up call?

    These points will help you to understand the level of professionalism the company has.



    We always provide honest, free, no hassle advice before pricing and we will only quote for the work that needs doing, rather than seeking that bigger job.


    All of our tradesmen have years of experience within their individual fields, and they are all very skilled. We know this because there is a rigorous vetting process they have to go through before they’re hired. Our company tradesmen are reliable, trustworthy, and professional and as a result we can offer you the utmost construction services.


    The services we provide are always tailored to your individual needs and conducted in a manner we know you will be happy with. We believe in exceeding expectations and going above and beyond to make sure you are 100% happy with the service. We welcome every challenge and we see it right through to the end from the design plan to the clearing up. You will receive a personal visit from a member of our contracts team to ensure works have been carried out as expected.



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