• The Impact of COVID-19 on the Construction Industry.

    Over the past couple of years we’ve seen businesses in every sector face the unexpected challenges of a global pandemic.

    For some businesses, Covid-19 has been a positive experience and a lot of businesses have thrived during these difficult times whilst others have suffered massive trade restrictions, drops in demand, and reduced availability of goods, services and workers.

    The construction industry is one sector that was hit particularly hard by COVID-19 at first, with government guidelines putting a stop to construction work in March 2020. However, construction workers were able to return to work in May and lockdown brought opportunity. People spent months at home and saw this as a time they could dedicate to revamping their home.


    Rethinking Construction Methods

    As a result of the pandemic, there were a lot of new regulations put in place. New PPE was brought in, as well as social distancing and these restrictions were a main factor in enabling us to get back to work.

    Construction naturally requires a physical presence for many team members; so these restrictions have been paramount in keeping both the workforce and the public safe.


    The New Normal for the Construction Sector

    With government restrictions now fading, we have had to evaluate whether any of the new rules are worth keeping – the answer is yes. With Covid-19 still being very present today, it’s imperative to keep contact to a minimum, especially to protect our elderly population.

    Hand sanitizer and masks are provided to all of our contractors and they have all been given training in how to keep safe whilst in the working environment. These policies are something we plan to keep in place for the foreseeable future.

    Life hasn’t quite gone back to normal yet, but we are doing our best to adapt to a new and safer future!



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