• A brief insight into why more people than ever are choosing renovation…

    Have you ever watched Grand Designs and thought ‘I could do that!’,

    well, home renovation is your chance. A lived in home is
    bound to show signs of ageing. Maybe the walls have cracks due
    to bad weather conditions (which is unfortunately common
    practice with our British winters), maybe the tiles aren’t as secure
    as they once were or maybe the building is just dated. Renovating
    your home can be done in many different ways, improving,
    redecorating, extending or completely redesigning your home. The
    beauty of owning your own property is that freedom to update
    and change as and when you wish. Whether you’re looking to
    renovate to add value to your property or simply to get that sense
    of satisfaction when you walk through the door Wessex Building
    Contractors is on hand to help you do it.

    A house renovation will add value to not only your home, but also
    your lifestyle, meaning it’s normally money invested rather than
    money spent. In order to make a successful house renovation you
    need to know exactly what you want to achieve. Once this has
    been established you can leave the rest to us. Some reasons for
    renovating could be returning a house to it’s former glory,
    avoiding the stress and money of
    moving, increasing the size or maximizing the value.

    So what is it that people think about when it comes to
    home renovation.

    Staying in the house and area you know.
    Let’s face it, moving house isn’t only the huge hassle of packing up
    every single item you own, it’s also leaving behind all the nostalgia
    your home offers, saying goodbye to your
    neighbours and having to change your details on all of your
    documentation. You would also avoid spending money on stamp
    duty, legal fees, agency fees amongst many other costs associated
    with moving.

    To boost value on your home
    If you’re thinking of selling your home, a renovation will help you
    with a greater profit. It would also boost rental value if you’re
    thinking of letting it out. You can quite easily
    manage to increase the value of your property by more than the
    cost you will spend renovating it. Home renovations can be used
    as a way of boosting your investments.

    Returning your home to it’s former glory.
    Old homes are great to renovate as usually they are larger with
    higher ceilings, meaning a great amount of space to work with. If a
    home was built a long time ago chances are it could have some
    amazing architectural designs, renovating it could reinstate its lost

    Protecting the environment
    With world pollution being at an all time high, many people are
    renovating their homes to meet the needs of a green environment. A
    great bonus to green modifications is that your energy bills will
    subsequently reduce. These modifications could include a more
    efficient heating system, double glazed windows and more efficient

    Last but definitely not least, is feeling comfortable in your home. Your
    comfort at home should be a key factor for renovating. You want to
    live in a place where coming home at
    the end of the day will be something you really look forward to.

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