• What Double Glazing Can Do For You….

    Double glazing isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s also practical, eco-friendly and will save you

    So ,let’s start with the difference between double and single pane glazing.
    Double glazing or insulated glazing uses two panes of glass, thereby significantly
    reducing the amount of heat that enters or exits your home. As a result, your
    house is cooler during summer and warmer during winter. This will save you a small fortune
    on your energy bills.

    Conduction occurs easily with single glazing, as there is only one layer of
    glass between the inside air and outside air, allowing energy to escape more readily.

    Here Are 5 Reasons You Need Double Glazing.

    Better Insulation
    As previously stated, double glazing was developed to provide better
    insulation than the traditional glazing. The two panes of glass act as a
    stronger barrier, and therefore will dramatically reduce the transfer of temperature
    between the inside and the outside. The insulation provided by double glazing will
    also ensure that your interior decor and furniture will not
    experience as much damage from the great temperature fluctuations. You can
    increase the level of protection from UV light by adding a UV window film.

    Noise Reduction
    With so many houses along the main roads and close to the airports the noise reduction your
    glazing will provide could be the difference between a good night’s sleep and falling asleep at
    your desk. With double glazing, your house provides a quiet
    and peaceful environment away from the loud and busy world outside. Your own
    little sanctuary – if you will.

    Increased Security
    Double glazing l will be much more difficult to smash, compared to single glazed
    units. Normally they are also much harder to break open from outside. Making you
    feel moresecure, knowing burglars will not be able to get into your house easily. To
    make it even more secure, you could opt for laminated or toughened glass.

    Increased Property Value
    Aesthetically, double glazing is a lot more appealing to the eye and modernlooking. This willmake it more attractive to potential buyers.

    Easy Maintainability
    As double glazed windows are so common these days, the parts are not only very
    accessible but also reasonably priced. Meaning if you lose your key or notice a ‘blown’
    unit, fixing it will be a quick and easy job.


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